Polymer concrete is a hard material that doesn’t absorb water and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Visually it is similar to the traditional concrete. 85% of it consists of natural rock (granite, chalk) and as a binder polyester resin is used. Polymer concrete is easy to maintain and the surface is not accumulating stains or bacteria. From this material our highly qualified craftsmen can produce various forms and objects. Clients can choose the following colours: white, black, grey or sand colour, but it’s also possible to diversify the colour palette.

Surface treatment

The surfaces from polymer concrete can be polished, matted or it can be left as a rough moulding. It’s advisable to maintain it with stone treatment products.

Constant surface colour and resistance against chemicals

One of the most important qualities of polymer concrete is a constancy of surface colour, and, if treated right, it lasts eternity. Material is very resistant against exposure to various chemicals. Objects from polymer concrete can be used outdoors all year round and the look and functionality is not affected by sun, frost, wind or water erosion.

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